SMV™: “Make Jesus King of America!”

by matttbastard

Unintentionally comedic (if not disturbing) footage taken at the March For Life in Washington, DC, 01/22/08.

You really can’t make this shit up.

Related: reports from pro-life ground zero, showing that a number of marching baby lobbyists were less than enamoured with the *ahem* choices available at the time to fetus fetishizing zygotists in the upcoming presidential election. And, of course, the field has since narrowed even further, with McCain having been (unenthusiastically) anointed the Republican Chosen One (GHWB FTW!). But perhaps the GOP should take heart–the positive response that the shoutout from everyone’s favourite ideologically mutable faux-Maverick (c/o Religious Right rockstar Sam Brownback) received at the March–along with the animus directed towards Democratic baby-eaters Obama and Clinton–seems to indicate that the clinic bombers could still be convinced to hop aboard the Man Crush Straight Talk Express.

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3 thoughts on “SMV™: “Make Jesus King of America!”

  1. Love the taunting teens at 2:28 “You’re going to hell! You’re going to hell!”. I particularly enjoy the “neener neener neener!” tone.


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