One Suicide Bomb of a Strained Simile

by matttbastard

Hitting nearly every specious anti-Clinton trope in the VRWC handbook, long-distance psychoanalyst and Pajamas-Pissing Media member Dr. (in)Sanity once again shows why the right is considered by many to be the grown-up and civil wing of the blogosphere:

Hillary Clinton did not get where she is today by being a person of integrity, honesty and courage–she got there by riding on the coattails of her charismatic husband; and by shrewdly altering her opinions to accommodate the prevailing political winds. And, oh yes, by ruthlessly destroying whoever got in her way. And even her base is able to recognize this about her, although she is extremely careful never to dirty her own hands. Like the Hamas and Hezbollah gunmen who shield themselves with innocent women and children, Hillary and her spouse have always had a ready supply of useful fall-guys (recall Vince Foster’s suicide or Sandy Berger’s archival exploits, for example) to take responsibility for their misdeeds.

Got that? Hillary is not only an opportunistic, irresponsible terrorist-appeasing Defeatocrat; she is a “terrorist” (metaphorically speaking, of course). Sweet Jeebus weeping in a cornfield.


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