Lost in Translation

by matttbastard


Some novel advice from Juan Díez-Nicolás re: the definition of racism in Spain:

“What happened in Barcelona was a sign of stupidity, but to call it racism is simplifying things. If [Hamilton] had happened to be a fat person, they would have insulted him for that.

“In Spain, when they make fun about the colour of your skin, it is not necessarily racism. If he had been a woman, they would have made a joke about that, and we would be talking about sexism,” he says.

Ok, just so we’re clear: pioneering Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, a person of colour, was mocked by some Spanish F1 fans earlier this week because of his ethnicity–but don’t anyone dare use the “R” word, because apparently those same fans would have still mocked Hamilton were he fat or female.

I suppose “egalitarian” also means something different in Spanish (to say nothing of “ironic”).

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3 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. My favourite quote: “And anyway, Hamilton isn’t even really black, so I don’t know what all the fuss is about.”


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