Wingnut Rebellion!

by matttbastard

Senator Clinton just landed a major bipartisan endorsement:

Am eagerly awaiting news on whether Rush Limbaugh will also be stumping for Clinton if McCain gets the Republican nod.

Related: Objectify This has declared today Hate On Ann Coulter Day. Go forth and bathe in the wingnutty vitriol. Oh, and if anyone wants to purchase a talking Coulter doll for yours truly…

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4 thoughts on “Wingnut Rebellion!

  1. The other thing sorry Ann is betraying is her absolute and dibilitating FEAR of Barack Obama.

    All of the rightwingnuts realize that thoughtful, intellectual conservatives – with open minds and open hearts – who are sick and tired of the do nothing politicians on both sides of the aisle – (nothing but spend blood and money in Iraq) – are actually taking a serious look at Mr. Obama.

    As one of them – I am impressed by the young Senators grasp of reality. His attention on matters of foriegn policy being focused on true STRATEGIC issues, China, Oil, and Russia – a very different focus than the endless mantra against the evil islamofacist empire of doom.
    We recognize that the STRATEGIC challenges of this new millenium, offer us great opportunity as well. The reality of the rise of South East Asia in terms of both economic and military power – demands that the next president focus his or her attention on what really matters.

    He recognizes that borrowing money from China – to fight and die in Iraq, while they shore up relations with Iran and other Arab States for supply of oil – borders on irrational.

    Truely it is time to have someone who can actually think more than 3 months down the road on the grand chessboard of the geopolitical game.

    That is why this staunch supporter of the Gipper and TRUE republicanism – crossed the line for the first time in my life – and cast a vote for the young Senator – for the future.


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