John Edwards Drops Out

by matttbastard


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Earlier today, Jonathan Cohn posted a moving eulogy for the Edwards campaign over at The Plank (while New Democrat dipshit Ed Kilgore subsequently took the opportunity to dance a merry jig on populism’s grave), but it was Aunt B. who highlighted the most ominous consequence of Edwards’ departure:

[W]hite Democratic men will be in the unprecedented position, for the first time in American history, of choosing between their race and their gender!

Hey, at least Hulk Hogan is comfortable stepping outside his comfort zone (h/t Jason Zengerle):

Whatcha gonna do, Kilgore?

Updated 01.31: via the unfortunately despondent skdadl-with-one-‘sk’ (*hugs*), John Edwards’ concession speech, fittingly given at the same place he kicked off his campaign: the 9th ward of the Big Easy.

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