Privileged Ignorance

by matttbastard

Over @ Shakesville, Portly Dyke (h/t) examines howwe are being systematically de-sensitized to [racial] issues by the MSM.

An excerpt:

People of color may have a better resistance to this insidiously toxic media message, as they are subject to the actual results of racism every day — and radical white progressives may (I said “may”) have an increased immune-response to this stuff as compared to whites of other political/sociological persuasions. I suspect, though, that all of us have slowly conceded corners of our resolve to the onslaught.

It happens so slowly — so incrementally, that we don’t notice at first — that’s why I love montages — because when you put all the messages together, you realize that…the indoctrination has been huge, and intentional, and vile — and not subtle at all.

Please make sure to read the whole damn thing (including and especially the comments).

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2 thoughts on “Privileged Ignorance

  1. The montage is overwhelming…

    it really is.

    Imagine the impact if The Terror Dream were adapted as a documentary. A montage of the shit that made it to Fox News post-9/11–hell, the shit that made it onto network TV–would be a punch to the fucking gut.

    BTW, I recently procured Sundown Towns by James W. Loewen. Sara Robinson of Orcinus recently wrote a must-read post that uses Loewen’s research as a jump off point for whites to reexamine their town ‘history’ from a non-white perspective. Judging by the responses in comments, the subsequent effect in this instance is also overwhelming.

    Ignorance really can be a privilege…

    (Much, much more on the legacy of Sundown Towns from Ann @ Beautiful, Also, Are The Souls Of My Black Sisters.)


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