Ceaseless Wonders

by matttbastard


(originally uploaded by Granny Miller)

Not to be all “I toldja so“, but I’m in no way surprised that The Good Doctor is actually a Neo-confederate-rightwing populist-JBS-fluffin’-tinfoil-true-believer (ZOMG! WET WATER!) What has me utterly flabbergasted is that uber-lazy junior Neocon Jamie KirchickMarty Peretz’s golden gopher–actually put forth a well-researched piece of hard-hitting investigative journalism. Am awaiting the inevitable sound of distant hoofbeats–no doubt hastened by this latest missive from the vast Zionist conspiracy.

(Oh, and Glenn Greenwald owes Dave Neiwert a BIG apology. *Crickets*)

Enjoy the fun @ Memeorandum (a day late and a Liberty Dollar short–mea culpa for succumbing to illness at such an inopportune time).

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One thought on “Ceaseless Wonders

  1. At last! We can start making posts about politics without suffering through 3,000 “Google Ron Paul!” comments in every thread!

    At least I HOPE so… one never knows just how many of those Paulites are quite thrilled to find out their leader is a racist just like them after all….


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