Andrew Olmsted

by matttbastard



More later, when I get home. Crying at work isn’t exactly my idea of a fun way to spend a Friday night. But thems the motherfucking breaks.

My sincere condolences to Andrew’s family.

Heh. These peas certainly are fresh. And hot.

Update: More @ Memeorandum.

Update 2: Andrew’s last post @ ObWi was soliciting funds on behalf of Pretty Woman Bird House. Though they reached their goal last week, PWBH is still accepting (and in need of) donations. Making one in Andrew’s name (as I plan on doing once I get home from work) would be a great honour to his memory, and his legacy.

(Can you tell these peas are fresh?)

Update 3: Rocky Mountain News obituary (h/t Jim Henley; more here.)

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5 thoughts on “Andrew Olmsted

  1. Carmen: I…

    Yes, it certainly is.

    Heh, this may be not the appropriate time (although Andrew did instruct us to avoid drowning in tears), but happy new year to you and yours.


  2. This is not a loss. It’s a lesson.

    Andrew lived the highest degree of integrity he could imagine; he met his own standards. We should all do so well.



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