Imperialism Is Tough!

by matttbastard

Somebody get Uncle Steve some cheese to go with his ahistorical whine:

On Afghanistan, the dominant defence and foreign policy file, Harper again looks ahead to tough choices. Rather than talking up the military mission in Kandahar as an inspiring undertaking, he used the year-end sit-down to vent frustration at slow progress in building a self-sufficient Afghan government. “You know, the United Nations and our allies will have been in Afghanistan 10 years in 2011. For God’s sakes, Germany was basically fully restored within four years; Germany joined NATO ten years after it was conquered.”

You know, that quite possibly might be the most strained, ridiculously inappropriate post-9/11 WWII analogy ever. And that’s saying a lot.

Really wish I could help the Cynical one here:

Somebody please tell me that Captain Charisma didn’t just compare World War II Germany to present-day Afghanistan.


Please tell me that my home and native land is not being governed by someone that fucking imbecilic.


Um, so, uh, what’s everyone got planned for NYE?

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