Always Remember Your Asterisk

by mattbastard

(More @ TPM on the 1st Annual Golden Dukes)

Perhaps I was a bit hasty yesterday. Two more year end reviews worthy of attention:

Henceforth, yours truly shall refrain from making any hasty definitive declarations–but don’t quote me on that.
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2 thoughts on “Always Remember Your Asterisk

  1. Well, I’m not sure which category she belongs in, but I thought that Sara Taylor’s face-off with Patrick Leahy was one of the great moments (Taylor: “My oath to the president.” Leahy: “You took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States”), and I am so disappointed that Josh couldn’t have fit that in somewhere.

    Leahy, such a fox. No — forget I said that.


  2. She’s nominated for Best Testimonial Train Wreck and Outstanding Achievement in Improbable Forgetfulness, although I don’t think they included a sample of Leahy’s foxy questioning.



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