Quote(s) Of The Day: Pillars And Foundations

by matttbastard

LGTB blogs need to stand on their own. They do valuable work and should not have to ‘compete’ against war activists or feminists. They are not blogging about fringe subjects. In fact to not be considered fringe is surely some of the point!

Similarly feminism is a very specific activism. Struggles for fair pay, freedom from blame for sexual assault, reproductive choice, childcare… these are issues that affect not only women, but men, families, children, and the way our society can grow to be more inclusive and protective of all.

To suggest that feminist blogging is not important enough to have it’s own category is suggesting that these issues carry no weight..at least not with the operators standing by to dismiss your call.

April Reign

Look — Feminism includes activism, but hasn’t been limited to it since the days I had a “Why Not” poster up on my apartment wall.

The activism began paying off in societal recognition of womens’ issues long ago, and feminism now influences virtually every aspect of our society in some way. If you guys don’t get that, I don’t know what to say. Except I’m very sad.

JJ Hippie

Feminism is now in its third century. Its formal beginning was in 1792 with Mary Wollstonecraft. Its central insight — that social hierarchies are political constructs, not natural facts — is perhaps the most important idea of the post-Enlightenment period. It’s the grandmother of all subsequent social reform movements.

It’s rather important, really.

Chet Scoville

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In Their Honour

by bastard.logic


Here’s some activism for you.

Much love and respect to one of the Best blogs in Canada and to one of the most tireless human rights activists in the nation. No need for any popularity contest to confirm these unequivocal facts. Thank you (and every other blogger and/or blog proud to adopt the title of “Feminist“) for everything you do.

(You’re right, Dave; it doesn’t get any better than being on Jon Swift’s blogroll, does it?)

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UpdateQuote of the Year candidate:

 Did you not understand that if you run a Best Feminist Blog awards [sic], and only feminism [sic] bloggers can run, then a feminism [sic] blogger will win?

Noted without further comment.

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