Amusement For Gigi

by matttbastard

(h/t boomgate for the vid)

Via Jack Stephens and Amardeep Singh, Richard Nisbett and Malcolm Gladwell attempt to untie the always-knotty debate surrounding IQ fundamentalism, hereditarian bigotry and race.

Money quote courtesy Gladwell:

To say that Dutch I.Q. scores rose substantially between 1952 and 1982 was another way of saying that the Netherlands in 1982 was, in at least certain respects, much more cognitively demanding than the Netherlands in 1952. An I.Q., in other words, measures not so much how smart we are as how modern we are

Oh, and I’m having a good schadenfreude-laced larf over the Princeton librul hate crime hoax, from which Canadian Cynic divines the following rock-solid truism: “If David Horowitz is saying it, you know it’s a lie.”


h/t Chet Scoville.

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The Last Word

by matttbastard

900ft Jesus + Canadian Cynic = WIN.

Update: Added to the equation: Prole, JJ, Engaged Spectator, and CC again.

Update 2: And Pretty Shaved Ape (apparently I was premature with my “last word” declaration).

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