A Stunning Incident In The UK

by matttbastard

“International” isn’t just corporate hyperbole:

Police fired a 50,000-volt Taser into the head of a 45-year-old company director who later proved to be unarmed and innocent. Daniel Sylvester, the owner of an east London security firm employing 65 staff to guard council offices, pubs and nightclubs, was driving home on October 20 when he was stopped by armed police because of “firearms related intelligence”.

According to Sylvester, he got out of his car and was surrounded by officers, at least two of whom were carrying automatic weapons. Without warning, one officer fired a Taser into the back of his head which made him drop to his knees, he said. A second shock caused him to fall on his face, breaking a front tooth. A further six shocks made him wet himself and left him lying in the road in pain while the officers and sniffer dogs searched the car and found nothing.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has started an investigation and David Lammy, Sylvester’s MP in Tottenham, north London, has written to Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan police commissioner, to say he is “deeply concerned”.


“Armed police jumped out and opened my car door,” he said. “I said OK, I’m coming. I asked what was going on and as soon as I stepped out of the car I felt something touch me on the back of the head and then I was on my knees. Then it happened again and I was on my face and I felt somebody pressing my head down with their foot. By the fifth time I realised officers were pinning my arms together. It was like they were trying to break my arms and I was in pain, screaming out.

“I was shocked eight times altogether and I had urinated on the floor. It was like being tortured. It went on and on and I felt they were going to kill me.”

Wait–I left out the best part:

Sylvester said the incident had left him traumatised and he now suffered from short-term memory loss. He doubts the police would have stopped him had he not been black.


Tasers have been used 47 times in London this year, with black people accounting for almost two-thirds of those stunned.

Sheesh–even in the mother country “driving while black” still applies.

Quoth stageleft:

Personally I hope that British law allows Sylvester to sue the living crap out of the cop who fired the weapon, the cops who assaulted him, the police force that obviously doesn’t police the use of their weapon, and the government that licensed their use.


h/t pale via IM.

Update: I wonder if this latest incident will be added to the pre-Christmas press blitz? (The purple model would totally match my mother’s curtains.)

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Insider Baseball: The Sequel

by matttbastard

Shorter CBA establishment: “Lighten up and let teh menz have their little circle jerk!” [update 12.19: links corrected–nice try.]


Yes, damn wimminz and darkies, always having to ruin the fun of teh poor, put-out white menz. Newsflash: no one is holding anyone hostage; no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head; no one is calling for Armageddon. With respect, this also isn’t akin to asking for a constitutional rewrite (yeah, like fucking Charlottetown all over again–“You feminists are ruining everything!”)

Here, let me spell it out: what compelled myself and others to suggest a boycott of the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards was the utterly asinine attempt to lump feminists into the LGBT category (provoked, I might add, by HER trollish whinging, not the request for a Best Feminist category that Berlynn, JJ, Prole, myself, etc made). Speaking as both a feminist and a person who identifies as non-heterosexual, that was an ignorant, cruel, dismissive slap in the face to both feminist and queer bloggers. Are y’all so clueless that you can’t recognize this?

Please, cut the martyr-posing and check your goddamned privilege. If the matter is so trivial, the gesture of a boycott so meaningless, why the sizable negative outcry from both dedicated Right Wingers and (apparently clueless) small-‘L’ liberals?

A nerve has been exposed.

“And “Best Feminist Blog” cannot be done, as it is unacceptable to some.”

“Feminists jump up and down about “male dominance” but there is a truth about ” equality” that does not get represented in media. I am so sick of men being blamed and bashed for all the illness of the world, when there is more at stake, more to factor into the equation about the state the world is in.”

“Maybe we should instead call it the most “feminine” blog award. That would be more inclusive. Being feminine is part of the definition of being a feminist.”

This entire discussion seems to have been time-displaced from the Suffragist era. Scandalous women who actually want the vote?! PREPOSTEROUS!

*rolls eyes*

So, to recap: some knuckle-dragging misogynists stuck in the 19th century, in tandem with RABID pro-life absolutists who seem hell-bent on confirming the worst stereotypes about the baby-lobby, are acting like knuckle-dragging misogynists stuck the 19th century and RABID pro-life absolutists who seem hell-bent on confirming the worst stereotypes about the baby-lobby; as a result, the organizers are refusing to use the word “feminist”.

Apparently there’s a new ‘F’ word that you never say, m’kay.

You know, if NBCD is speaking on behalf of the organization (and not out of a cavernous nether region where his cranium apparently resides) we (as in the bastard.logic crew) might not wait until Friday. I’ve been speaking with my cobloggers, and they (being nasty, man-hating, baby-eating F-worders) really don’t appreciate being associated with the regressive (if initially well-intentioned) endeavour this is turning out to be. And no, that’s not meant as a “threat”, merely a fact. [Update: by unanimous consent, we are out. Try not to celebrate too loudly.]

White liberals and Right Wing reactionaries team up to roll back the Progressive Era; I want another category: “Biggest Farce of 2007″.

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Portions of this post appeared in different form at Bread and Roses and the 2007 CBA site.

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