Post-Race Era? My Black Ass.

by matttbastard


West of the Fourth spotlights another winner* from the Best Canadian Blog of 2007. Grade-A material as always, including and especially the trademark oh-so-enlightened comments. Punctuation is apparently a self-indulgent liberal conceit.

Background: The Toronto Star, Sun Media and CTV News provide context (yet another elitist affectation of the vast latte-sipping conspiracy).  Also be sure to read the preliminary OHRC report.

*Warning: reading may prove corrosive/triggering to those with any sense of decency. bastard.logic recommends showering immediately upon completion, and is not responsible for any lingering after effects. Proceed at your own risk.

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3 thoughts on “Post-Race Era? My Black Ass.

  1. OMG, what a freaking nitwit and racist jerk that woman is.

    The situation she described could have easily been resolved by saying “Hey bud, push over a few yards, you’re too close”, but rather than deal, she seethes and moils until the bad Asian people (who were, of course, completely unaware of her inner turmoil) “make her leave”. Then she goes home to gripe and whine about it on the internet! Poor sucky-baby! LOL

    Now I must go and bleach my brain. Twice.


  2. This is what we live with in SK, the extreme right wing is feeling quite free to shoot off their mouths since Wall took office. It will take all my energy to be proactive rather than reactive over the next 3 years, 10 months and several days.

    My advice to you who dare to read her? Don’t. It gets us off track and feeds her *-ist tendencies.


  3. JJ: I’d advise you scour with steel wool, too.

    Berlynn: Normally I’d agree with you, but I fear she and her extremist ilk are becoming a bellwether for what is slowly becoming mainstream sentiment. Not necessarily with such unabashed, shameless glee, but the centre has shifted, and continues to do so. Is important to monitor the fringe, to see where the mushy middle will next move.

    And no, I am not volunteering for duty.



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