Bigmouth Strikes Again

by matttbastard

Hey Moz–go stuff yer gob with the “I was misquoted” bollocks, mate. Listen to Billy re: the first rule of holes, k? You were caught on tape soul-kissing the spirit of Enoch Powell; drop the writs and embrace your latent nativism, you fucking wanker.

h/t Nunc Scio

Update: Yolanda Carrington takes a stroll down memory lane re: Moz’s longtime flirtation with fascism, highlighting his by-now familiar response to criticism:

Morrissey’s pattern is predictable: When challenged about his wink-wink nudge-nudge comments and actions, Morrissey protests that he isn’t racist and that he is being set up by his accusers. When he’s playing around with the lives of people of color, it’s no big deal; it’s only when he feels he’s under attack and needs to defend himself does he gets serious about racism. It’s the same old pattern that we stateside people of color have seen time and again, this time on the other side of the Atlantic.

Via Racialicious.

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7 thoughts on “Bigmouth Strikes Again

  1. i’d throw my smiths discs into the trash bin too…..if i had ever bought any. [sorry, that was unfair.]

    everybody has bad days. neil young, joey ramone (RIP)…..then again some people have bad lives, like ted nugent.

    if you were to throw away every album recorded by someone who has said something stupid and unsupportable, you’d probably only be left with a couple minutemen albums, maybe one by new model army, and some thelonious monk, who i’m told didn’t talk much.


  2. Frank: At least Slowhand had (at the time) severe cocaine and alcohol abuse to fall back on as as a hollow excuse (heh, at least we now know where Mel Gibson and Michael Richards first got the notion).

    everybody has bad days. neil young, joey ramone (RIP)

    Ah, that Neil. Will he ever live down the Reagan endorsement? Although I thought it was Johnny who was the oft-quoted right wing loudmouth?

    New Model Army–LOLZ. Just for that I might be inspired to post a Grebo YouTube round up this weekend.



  3. Neil? I think he’s done plenty since to make up for the Reagan endorsement, and at least he had the cojones to admit to himself and the public that it was a huge, as in ‘what the fuck was I thinking?’, mistake. Didn’t blame it on the alcohol or cocaine talking – and if you’ve ever seen the original, uncut “Last Waltz’ that was no plain , old, ordinary booger hanging out of ole Shakey’s nostril. ;-)

    Yes, it was Johnny, not Joey, who was the facist in The Ramones, not tomention poor fucked up Dee Dee’s fascination for Nazi memorabilia.


  4. i kind of liked the first couple of albums, but as for bespectacled british rockfops, i’ve always been more for gerard langley.


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