A Few Items Worth Your Attention On This Snowy Sunday Morn

by matttbastard

Is much too chilly and inhospitable today in my neck of the woods to even think about venturing into the not-so-great outdoors. So, in lieu of going to church (snicker) or, more realistically, a greasy spoon for hangover mitigation, here are several worthy distractions that can be enjoyed from the comforts of home:

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5 thoughts on “A Few Items Worth Your Attention On This Snowy Sunday Morn

  1. Thanks for the links, Mattt.
    From psycho-analysis to P.R. in one generation and within one family! Always found that rather weird, even though both were around previously without the benefit of being officially “fathered”.
    Tangentally reminds me of R.D. Laing’s caustic quote to the effect that the greatest gift of psychiatry was to make us afraid of our own brains.


  2. Correction : “greatest accomplishment” not “greatest gift”

    Skdadl : I’m with ya!
    I watched someone ‘convert’ to RD inside 5 minutes once. She said “Listen to this convoluted piece of bullshit” and started to read aloud from “Knots”, started reading more slowly, more thoughtfully, finally looked up and said, “Holy shit, are you getting this?”


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