SMV: World AIDS Day Edition

by matttbastard

Everywoman reports from South Africa on how women (especially those living in poverty) are “particularly vulnurable” to HIV/AIDS, largely due to a lack of agency and the prevelence of rape.


Carmen D. and ThinkProgress have more on the burgeoning HIV/AIDS crisis in DC; via TP, GlobalHealthFacts provides a map of people living with HIV or AIDS around the globe.


(click to visit World AIDS Campaign site)





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6 thoughts on “SMV: World AIDS Day Edition

  1. Thanks for posting this mattt. The World AIDS day committee used to produce banners for people to upload onto their sites. In the last few years, I haven’t seen that option.


  2. Thanks, Mizz York — I haven’t seen the option, either. Attention being paid to this year’s events seem muted, perhaps due to the recent UN report indicating that the number of people infected with HIV has been ‘overestimated’. Of course, as was pointed out on Everywoman, one should take the ‘good news’ with a fine grain of sea salt.

    Also, the Washington, DC stats are scary bad. I’m sure the relative lack of concern on the part of lawmakers has nothing to do with the racial makeup of the metropolitan area (and of those affected).



  3. Excellent! I’ve a friend who’s doing some work with probiotic foods in East-Africa. He’s found that introducing certain good bacteria make women less vulnerable to the initial infection. Also helps with staving off diarrheal infections, which is a major plus.


  4. Good evening or whatever the weather may be.
    today was a very great day in the world. but alas push has come to shove this is a battle between youth and hiv/aids. But we are trying our best.thanks


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