Mein Stock in Himmel!

by matttbastard

Holy humpin’ Himmler, Dave @ The Beav called out Stockboy, Godwin be damned:

This is what Day said.

One person was killed who didn’t have to be killed

Does that mean that Day believes there are those who should be killed? It is not acceptable that he misspoke. He is a minister of the Crown: equivalent to the vice-president of a major global corporation. Every word he speaks means something. And, it’s right there, he believes there are people who should be killed.

Explain yourself, minister.

Those words come right from the pages of Aufbau einer Nation, written in 1934.

Explain yourself, Mr. Day, or accept that sometime in the next 72 hours I will, without apology, hang you up there with one of the worst human beings of the 20th Century.

Hey now, let’s not be too hard on ol’ Stock. We should be grateful that he took off his wetsuit before shaking us up with his typically asinine blatherings–and without any props to further illustrate the utterly specious (if not passively eliminationist) sentiments to boot! Credit where credit is due, my partisan brethren (yes, yes, the soft bigotry of low expectations, etc).

UpdateMatt Guerin:

Every time Day opens his mouth and the super ‘Public Safety Minister’ appears below him on the news or in Parliament, a chill goes down my spine. I’ll never forget how much of a wacko leader he turned out to be. I don’t think most moderate Canadians will forget that either. The fact Day continues to hold such power in the Harper government scares the crap out of me.

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One thought on “Mein Stock in Himmel!

  1. Ah, but the Omnibus crime bill is that answer to ALL of it – including the fact that the Liberal Party isn’t screaming aloud on the taser issues.

    You see all that lovely money to be spent on crime reduction is for EQUIPMENT, including HUGE amounts for tasers and for computer equipment to track the terrorists (!) like me as well as black ops helicopters and all sorts of other lovely things as people get pissed off with the economic injustice to come (soon) and the imposition of the North American Union (SPP).

    Nothing for money for crime PREVENTION or ending the miserable lives of many people within Canada.

    The Conservatives tried to SNEAK these weapons into Canada without them being registered, but were caught out doing such JUST prior to the Montebello summit. People wrote Day in droves back then.

    My answer to the Day problem is to demand answers via the Freedom of Information Act regarding police equipment to be purchased in this budget AND to find out what federal regulations WERE contemplated when these weapons of mass destruction were allowed to be sold in CANADA.

    The Harper’s accolytes can spend million$ protecting war criminal BuZh to come into Canada (the IMPERIAL president) but not set up nationwide standards on new police procedures that affect the RCMP? Now THAT’s a laugh riot if it weren’t so damned sad …

    Great blog, come visit mine. I seem to find myself here regularly.


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