3 thoughts on “Vacation All I Ever Wanted

  1. Thanks!

    Sadly, Art currently suffers from a near debilitating arthritic condition that render his hands pretty much useless at playing the guitar. But, back in the day Art was THE guitar hero in the early Vancouver punk scene. Art’s guitar technique was so unique you could never really tell what chord(s) he was playing by looking at the his hand on the fretboard, especially when he was playing his coral blue Fender Jazzmaster.

    That Strat Art’s playing in both vids? I believe that’s a ’52 which originally belonged to his older brother.

    ‘Whispering’ Jim Bescott (bass player) is sadly no longer with us, victim of a freak vehicular encounter in a Safeway parking lot acouple years ago..

    ‘BT’ Barry Taylor. One of my favourite drummers, both to watch and to play with, is still making music somewhere up BC’s beautiful Sunshine Coast.

    Shout out to ‘Hullabaloo Girls’ Mary Jo Kopechne (bass player with The Modernettes – http://www.punkhistorycanada.ca/gallery/show.php?id=3897&album_id=1) and Justine Brown – http://www.abcbookworld.com/?state=view_author&author_id=1575. :)


  2. Jim was the reason I first picked up a bass. Sad to hear of his passing.

    Was an Art fan before I’d heard of the K-Tels/Young Canadians, back in the good ol’ days when Much wasn’t…well, what it is today.



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