Quote Of The Day: Unreliable Narrators

by matttbastard

To a New Yorker, the idea of Rudy as a liberal or even a moderate is unreal, topsy-turvy — like describing George McGovern as a hawk or Pat Buchanan as a Zionist. The case for Giuliani’s moderation rests mainly on three overblown issues — guns, gay rights and abortion — and even in those cases, his deviation from conservative orthodoxy is far milder than is usually suggested.The “social” and “cultural” issues that divide Americans encompass much more than guns, gay rights and abortion. They include state support of religion; the legitimacy of dissenting speech; the president’s right to keep information secret; the place of fair procedures in dispensing justice. The Bush administration’s hard-line stands on these matters have polarized the nation as much as the Iraq war has. And on these issues, Giuliani is just as hard-line as the man he’d like to succeed.

If you’ve managed to keep liking President Bush, you’d have no trouble loving President Giuliani.

– David Greenberg, Rudy a Lefty? Yeah, Right.

More from Lower Manhattanite on just how much some New Yorkers with personal ties to Rudy absolutely adore America’s Mayor™:

…Rudy Giuliani is that rare beast that engenders ill-will at every stop in his climb to lord it over the last bunch of people he worked with. And in so doing, his list of fucked-over folk who hold a grudge against him is as long as his now-defunct combover was once wide.

Related: McClatchy – GOP candidates run hard to the right.

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