Cognitive dissonance affects reading comprehension

by sassywho

Faux News reports that some study (which I can’t find right now – just take my word for it) purportedly shows that people who cannot reconcile their own personal beliefs with contradictory circumstance have difficulty reading.

It appears a recent post of mine caught the attention of some wingnuts. The first response was a Big Blue “Oh, no you didn’t, quickly followed by a hearty “Fo’ realz grrl!” from fellow fetus fetishist Jill Stanek.

I know, you are asking yourself the same question as I: “Who the hell is Jill Stanek?

Grab your gut folks – she’s a columnist for WingNutDaily, the author of theocon agitprop fair and balanced opinion pieces like “March Of Dimes marches for death”:

Tomorrow, April 28, the March of Dimes will launch its 2007 WalkAmerica fund-raisers around the country.

MOD’s stated mission is “to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects and infant mortality.”

In the interest of full disclosure, MOD should add, “… in politically correct ways.”

MOD has been at odds with the pro-life community since the 1970s for its inexplicable love affair with the pro-death movement in many areas.

One is that MOD turns a blind eye toward the link between induced abortion and premature delivery.

(h/t Feministe)

For a refresher, I was speculating that the death of Laura Smith, a young woman who underwent a 2nd trimester abortion, was possibly a result of less safe procedure being performed by her physician (covering his ass due to the SCOTUS ban on D&X). These procedures could include the use of drugs such as Digoxin and/or not dilating the cervix enough.

The primary bone of contention (other than my being an unrepentant infanticidal feminazi) seems to be that I said there was no way of knowing what kind of procedure she had. Let’s recap: the article only reported that her mother said she had a “suction-type” abortion. I may be missing something, but I’m pretty sure that is not a name for standard therapeutic abortions; there are medical (ie, drug-induced) and surgical, with all surgical abortions (and, apparently, the arguments of most pro-life bloggers) utilizing some variation of sucking:

Vacuum Aspiration:
In the first trimester, usually 6 to 13 weeks, vacuum aspiration is the procedure used to empty the uterus. This traditional first trimester abortion involves three main steps: (1) an injection to numb the cervix, (2) insertion of a soft flexible tube through the cervix into the uterus, (3) suction created by an aspirating machine to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. It is done in an outpatient clinic, doctor’s office or hospital and takes less than five minutes to complete the actual procedure.

IPAS Syringe – Early Abortion with Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA):
As soon as the pregnancy can be detected by ultrasound (typically 4-5 weeks), an abortion can be performed using a manual aspiration device called the IPAS Syringe. Similar to the suction aspiration procedure, the IPAS system consists of thin flexible tubing, but instead of using a machine to create suction, the suction is created by a handheld syringe. The procedure usually takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Aftercare is the same as with suction aspiration. Availability of this procedure is based upon doctor’s discretion. Abortion by syringe is sometimes referred to as the quiet abortion.

D & E (Dilate and Evacuate):
From 13 to 24 weeks, Cedar River Clinics use the Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) procedure. Appointments are made for 2-3 consecutive days. On the first day, an ultrasound (sonogram) is performed to determine the size of the fetus. Then, the abortion procedure is begun by numbing the cervix with injections and inserting dilators into the cervix. Overnight these dilators gently expand, opening the entrance to the uterus. The next day, the cervix is again numbed, the dilators are removed, and the doctor uses special instruments to evacuate the uterus and remove the pregnancy. The final step is suction using the aspirating machine. In more advanced pregnancies, additional dilators are inserted on the second day and the fetus is removed on the third day. The medical procedure lasts about 10-15 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s tragic that Laura Smith died. My heart sincerely goes out to her family and friends. But perhaps the main reason baby-worshipping wingnuts are so disturbed by her death is not because abortions inevitably kill teh wimmins, but because she was one of them.

Once again, mere speculation.

(And it’s Stacy, without the gratuitous ‘E’. Maybe you should stick with ‘sassywho’ – it’s easier.)

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22 thoughts on “Cognitive dissonance affects reading comprehension

  1. Faux News reports that some study (which I can’t find right now – just take my word for it)

    I know where it is – in Syria, somewhere in the vicinity of Saddam’s WMDs and Faux’s vaunted credibility!

    (So much mileage from one pithy aside. Goddammit, I’m gonna ride that pony until there’s nothing left but skin and bones.)


  2. thanks JJ, nothing like getting on an anti-choicer’s bad side. I mean crikes, if MOD can do it I say we are in good company.


  3. ROFL!

    Distinguished company FTW!

    Can’t believe JS actually gets paid to produce such ‘incredibly.stupid’ drivel (even if the filthy lucre does emanate from the WND coffers.) A wingnut trying to wield irony is like a two year old holding a lit firecracker: it’s almost guaranteed to blow up in their hand.


  4. Much appreciated, Prole — although if they’re good Christians they’ll abstain from trying to save our souls via DCC Send until after the (pseudo) Sabbath (spamming teh babykillers counts as work, yes?)

    Pee Ess–I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours but I think that God’s got a sick sense of humour; Stanek, SHE and Co. are proof positive. If I weren’t an atheist I think I definitely would expect to find him laughing.


  5. Or her. But that would make their heads explode. heh.

    ZING! Teh feminine Divine FTW!

    Prayer Shield?!?! That’s so awesome, does it need batteries?

    I thought it was an anti-theist IUD.


  6. The only batteries the prayer sheild requires come in a bottle – oh yeah! Coalition of the Swilling, reporting for duty! We will stay the course! No 30-day prayer assault stands a chance against our logic, intellect, and drunken debauchery. To the liquor cabinet – CHARGE!


  7. I dont have a helmet. But I have a stainless steel colander? And, a huge, fork. It works great for killing the new life forms that evolve in the fridge.

    i think we should be finding a mission song for Operation Prayer Shield. OPS! ideas? I will put forward “Dear God” XTC?


  8. Fork? I find bleach is more efficient (chemical warfare FTW!)

    I’ve already sorta suggested “Blasphemous Rumours” by DM (even if I initially futzed up the link–covert action via the Holy Spirit?)

    There’s also Minor Threat’s “Filler,” followed by “I Don’t Wanna Hear It” – the ultimate OPS one-two punch!

    (“You’re full of religion, you’re full of shit – FIL-LER!”

    “Shut your fucking mouth I don’t care what you say/you keep talking, talking every day/first you’re telling stories, then you’re telling lies/WHEN THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA REALIZE/THAT I DON’T WANNA HEAR IT!”)


  9. prayer shields(not to be confused with panty shields), armed drunk monkeys, with battle hymns… i feel right at home!


  10. See, I take that as a compliment, in wingnut world it’s rolling opposite day. and don’t forget monkeys like cigars


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