Jena 6 Update: Keep Marching

by matttbastard


Click on the above image to join the ongoing Virtual March for the Jena 6 (if you haven’t already) and leave a link in comments to the site your picture is posted at. Pics will remain up until real justice (not the all-too-common Jim Crow variant) has finally been served. With Mychal Bell once again detained (out of spite apparent spite) and an increasingly overt racist pushback occurring, PurpleZoe is absolutely correct: “now more than ever we need to maintain our show of solidarity and then some.

Related: via Carmen D., after “pointed questioning” at a House Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday [update 10.18: “boycotted by most Republican members of the House panel” *cough*], U.S. Atty. Donald Washington finally admitted that the initial noose-hanging incident in Jena was actually a federal hate crime, but said “federal authorities opted not to prosecute the case because of the ages of the white youths involved.” Funny, age considerations didn’t stop ol’ DA Walters from (initially) charging all but one of the Jena 6 as adults with attempted second-degree murder, even though only Carwin Jones was an adult at the time. Apparently us neegros mature faster or something.

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2 thoughts on “Jena 6 Update: Keep Marching

  1. Thankyou Matt!!!!!
    Excellent post. Thanks for the heads up about the decision to waive the recognized hate crime, because of the ages of the offenders is news to me.
    Very dissapointing.


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