“Not Some Sentimental Prison”

by matttbastard

The comments to this post @ Rachel’s Tavern put me on a nostalgic path.

Hope y’all enjoy the road less traveled (or at least one that I haven’t strayed down in a long time).

Sam Phillips – I Need Love

(More after the cut)

T Bone Burnett – Earlier Baghdad (The Bounce)

Mark Heard – Is It Any Wonder?

Victoria Williams – You R Loved

Maria McKee – Opelousas (Sweet Relief)

The Innocence Mission – Bright As Yellow

Vigilantes of Love – Blinded By The Light

Over The Rhine – Jacksie

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One thought on ““Not Some Sentimental Prison”

  1. this about a great a list of artists as you could have!!! the only one I have not seen live is the Innocence Mission (Although I have Seen Don Peris before!)


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