Oh Yeah…

by matttbastard

So far I’ve been woefully remiss in providing fair warning any notice of when (and what) I’ve exclusively posted over at (one of) my other online haunt(s), Comments From Left Field – mea fucking culpa. At the moment, remembering to fit sleep into my busy schedule is enough of a trial; must really start using that goddamn day-timer of mine. (Or, rather, start reading what I’ve written in it – ah, yes. ‘Sleep.‘).

Quote of the Day: The American Opiate

Quote of the Day 2: ‘No Loose Cannon’

“The Battlefield of the Mind” (also see Mick Arran).

Quote of the Day: Imperial Ventriloquism

Promise to cut back on the daily quotes. Hey, what can I say – sometimes life gets in the way of (substantial) blogging – to say nothing of, er, living.

Ok, after making a reference, I gotta post a Grade vid, even if it’s not the one originally alluded to (though ‘Triumph & Tragedy’ seems more fitting, since my relationship with reality really does come and go).

Update: ‘Terms of use violation?!’ Fuck Victory Records.

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