Cassandra Hernandez Update!

by Isabel

Of course, you all remember the case of Airman 1st Class Cassandra M. Hernandez, who was gang-raped by fellow Airmen Russell J. Basile, Jerrell W. Apache, and Rotez J. Butler. After opting not to testify against her assailants, she was charged with committing indecent acts and her rapists were offered immunity to testify against her.

Well, there is a happy update! The charges against her have been dropped!

The commander of the 43rd Airlift Wing at Pope Air Force Base decided this week to drop the charge of committing an indecent act against Hernandez, 20, who instead pleaded guilty to underage drinking and received a nonjudicial punishment, said one of her attorneys, Capt. Chris Eason.

Thank fucking god. Though, of course, it would be nice if the rapists were actually punished.

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5 thoughts on “Cassandra Hernandez Update!

  1. I hope this young airman receives proper treatment and is able to excel in her career, safely.

    I, too, was a femail airman in the USAF. I was raped by my supervisor, yet said nothing b/c he said no one would believe me.

    A few years later I married another USAF enlisted NCO. After 4 domestic violence shelters, bruises, assaults, threats, damaged vehicles and property, and police reports, I finally informed the USAF.

    Rather than investigating him, the table turned and I was discharged! He had much more rank and tenure, his friends were security police and office of special investigations (OSI).

    Punish the victim, thats how the USAF handles domestic violence and rape.


  2. i was in basic training with hernandez she was our chow runner…….ummmm…i dont know what to believe ill just say that


  3. how can you know her that well in basic training of all things to say you dont what to believe? did the TI’s let you hang out with her



  4. I was her roomate at Pope and I know how she acts/is and I definitely do not believe a word of what came out of her mouth.


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