by matttbastard

I’ve decided to post my foreign/US affairs-type pieces exclusively @ Comments From Left Field, and utilize bastard.logic for teh Canadiana, feminista, identity-politicking, reproductive freedomz and overall far-left social justice-ish stuff (to say nothing of my fetch-forth-the-fainting-couch profane, oh-so-not-ready-for-prime-time rants). So, if you’re looking to find my latest sarcastic diatribes serious musings on the occupation in Iraq, the road to regime change in Iran, the fecklessness of the Bush admin, etc, check out CFLF. First exclusive post is here.

Will make sure to put up pointers and teasers here, just to let you know when I’m gettin’ my bastard on all geopolitical stylez (and, of course, I’ll still crosspost when and where I feel there is convergence, eg Afghanistan).

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