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by matttbastard

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Update: BlogBurst FTW!

I really wish von still hung around my all-time favourite regular online haunt*, Obsidian Wings. Would love to see if this would cause him to at least reconsider his stubborn contention that US proxy ally Ethiopia = teh good guys teh lesser evil. (Butbutbut teh radical ICU wuz harbourin ur Al Qaedaz in Somalia – surgical strikes FTW!!111 Oops, sry – we missed.)

Related: Human Rights Watch also fails to see the inherent wisdom of “realism” (to the bellicose consternation of the Ethiopian Gov’t); Eric Martin on “Green Zone 2.0” and other all-too-familiar scenarios occurring in the Horn. Also see Thomas P.M. Barnett’s must-read report on AFRICOM, “the American military’s new frontier outpost”, and Der Spiegel on how the US has exported the GWOT–and ‘rendition’–to Africa.

(Yes, I’m blatantly attempting to rouse von out of self-imposed main page exile. I miss him–and his punk-themed posts. More von-bait:

Current – Continued Rantings [live in Indy @ The Sitcom, ’94])

* (Besides CFLF, of course *ahem*)

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