I Am Man(aging To Raise My Cholesterol)

by Isabel

I’ve been asked to contribute to Ad Turn-Offs, a new blog that highlights the particularly ridiculous and distasteful advertisements that flood our airwaves and public space. Feel free to pop over and have a look.

A quick preview of my first contribution:

Where to begin? This advertisement is ostensibly directed towards men who are sick and tired of their girlfriends trying to encourage them to eat healthy food, AKA Chick Food (which, in the case of this ad, apparently consists of garnish). Casting off the shackles of female oppression, the men set out to hunt down and consume a Texas Double Whopper, which contains 1050 calories and 69 grams of fat. Along the way, they appropriate a feminist anthem, triumphantly flip a minivan over a bridge (a not-so-subtle message that family life is emasculating?) and somehow manage to attract a group of cheerleaders who gleefully applaud the manly antics of the men who are humble enough to admit that, once, they were forced to eat quiche … but, never again.

Check it out!

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