Every 60 Seconds

by matttbastard

Fern Hill @ Birth Pangs puts teh funny on hold and offers a stark, sobering account of the deadly consequences for women in developing nations as a result of restricting their access to safe, legal abortions:

Pregnancy kills one woman per minute. Unsafe abortion kills one woman every eight minutes.

Sorry, I don’t have a punchline; please, just take the time to read the rest, and, afterwards, think about how long it took you to do so.

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2 thoughts on “Every 60 Seconds

  1. The same people who oppose contraception and abortion in the third world have absolutely not the first clue as to suggest how another mouth to feed might possibly benefit either the mother, country, or world at large. It’s a somewhat strange paradox that often the same people who oppose abortion, later oppose the refugees who flee poverty from that country. Abortion and contraception would reduce refugee numbers.


  2. Well, exactly. It’s another example of the baseless imposition of ideology on life and death situations where the cold, hard facts impudently contradict theory and beliefs.

    (IMO, akin to the way Stalin forbade evolutionary biology in the Soviet Union because it didn’t gel with his [inherently flawed] interpretation of Communism. Climate Change denialists come to mind, too.)


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