‘4 Star Credibility’

by matttbastard

x-posted @ Comments From Left Field

Bloomberg’s headline says it all:

Petraeus’ Credibility Buys Bush Extra Time For Iraq Strategy

And the rave reviews are in from “the two groups of lawmakers whose support Bush needs to keep his strategy going: wavering Republicans and a small band of supportive Democrats.”

Republican Senator John Warner of Virginia, who last month called on Bush to begin withdrawing some troops by the end of the year, called Petraeus’s testimony “powerful, compelling and credible.” Warner is a former chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Representative Jim Marshall of Georgia, one of 10 House Democrats to vote in July against setting a timeline for withdrawal, called Petraeus’s testimony “powerful and persuasive.” And Senator Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat, also said after the testimony that he remained opposed to a congressionally mandated pullout.

Powell. Goes. To. The. UN.

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