PSA: The Lasting Stain of ‘Democracy’

by matttbastard

Via Feminist Peace Network, the Iraqi government has frozen the assets of the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI):

September 6, 2007 Dear Friends and Supporters,

  • OWFI has spoken in a recent report over the CNN about the masses of Iraqi women who are part of human trafficking currently inside and outside Iraq. The report shows OWFI executives challenging the officials who choose to look the other way.
  • OWFI has also challenged the rapists of 7 Iraqi female prisoners who are still free and work in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior.
  • OWFI has initiated a secular youth movement based on Poetry, Music and Art under the name of “Freedom Space”. Hundreds of youth from the so called “Sadre City” are enthusiastic members and some are leaders of this rapidly growing movement.
  • OWFI is still sheltering women who are threatened by honor killing or retaliation from militia members / after these militias kill the males of the family.

As a result, the Iraqi government decided on September 4th to freeze the funds of OWFI in the Iraqi banks so as to paralyze our movement and make our work impossible.

Dear Friends and supporters do not let the intimidation of the Iraqi officials stop you from supporting one of the few freedom initiatives inside Iraq. We are writing you this letter so that you do not send us any funds or donations into our official bank account in Iraq as the government has put its hand on it. As for our activities, do not worry. We will still voice the pains of Iraqi women and keep on creating bigger “freedom spaces”, especially that we run mostly on volunteer will-power.The farce of “Democracy” in Iraq will not sway our determination to a free, secular and egalitarian life for all in Iraq.

Freedom and equality for all,

Yanar Mohammed

As FPN points out, you can still make donations to OWFI (even more vital considering this local development) via their website. Also make sure to read why women’s advocacy groups like OWFI deserve our support.

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