Slacker Friday

by matttbastard

Various articles that have kept me entertained/sane today. Ugh, and boy, did I ever need entertainment/sanity – don’t ask. Suffice to say, my desk at work was in serious jeopardy of suffering a similar fate to the one at home.

  • Elizabeth Sullivan looks at the disturbingly bourgeois bona fides of the typical Islamic radical (less likely to be a Kalashnikov-wielding, terror-camp trained firebrand than a parent’s-basement-residing, acne-scarred LARPer wearing expensive Nikes.) Related: Olivier Roy addresses the enigma of middle class Muslim radicalism in Europe. His conclusion: contemporary Islamic fundamentalism (or ‘neofundamentalism’) is “a consequence of the globalization and Westernization of Islam”.
  • Porno-riffic sexpert Susie Bright muses on Larry Craig and the Cuckquean wife.
  • Britters, Avril and any other other young, blonde pop starlets with a penchant for low-slung trousers better not visit Mansfield, LA anytime soon (*ahem*).

And in honour of the weekend:

Happy Friday, y’all.

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