Still Censored

by matttbastard



We as a city and a region have been censored. We’re cut out of the news and the public consciousness, not by way of any sinister cabal so much as for the fact that we’re no longer interesting. Disasters are interesting when CNN can show pictures of old ladies dying in wheelchairs in the heat and looters carting big-screen TVs out of Wal-Mart. They’re not so interesting months later, when there’s nothing to look at but rotting hulks of houses and people living in FEMA trailers or tents on their slabs because the insurance hasn’t paid out yet. We as a city and a region are in danger of being banned by further federal neglect and incompetence, by our own political blundering, by the departure of our talent, and by the indifference of our former countrymen and women. I say former because I am no longer sure whether New Orleans is part of America or whether my government considers me a full citizen worthy of its protection.

  • NOLA-based author Poppy Z. Brite, from a 2006 speech given at a Banned Books Week event.

“The mentality that people can wait around indefinitely for the federal taxpayer to solve all their worldly problems has got to come to an end.”

  • GOP Presidential candidate Rep. Tom Tancredo (Colo.), calling for an end to federal aid for unworthy former citizens Katrina victims (as quoted by The Hill, 08.31.07).

Via Libby Spencer.

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