Bogus Solidarity (FINAL UPDATE – I’VE HAD IT)

by matttbastard

The inimitable Hilzoy of Obsidian Wings has been guest-blogging over at Andrew Sullivan’s place all week (congrats on the nuptials, Sully!) and has, IMO, been doing a bang up job. Big surprise, considering she’s one of the best writers in the blogosphere, hands down. Unfortunately, she (along with her fellow superlative guest-bloggers Steve Clemons of The Washington Note and Gregory Djerejian of The Belgravia Dispatch) have been forced to share the fill-in gig with one Jamie Kirchick, aka Marty Peretz’s Mini-Me assistant. Kirchick’s latest lazily sketched, Euston-shilling ‘woe is teh contemporary Left’ twaddle is ably destroyed by Hilzoy here. But in honour of Labour Day, I wanted to highlight a brief aside Jamie made that Hil didn’t explore in depth.

Sez Jamie:

Whereas once the AFL-CIO had a large and effective international office, you’d be hard-pressed to hear, for instance, what they’re doing for Iraqi trade-unionists.

Apparently Jamie hasn’t figured out that newfangled ‘Google‘ thingy. ‘Tis a pity, since it would probably have helped him discover this ongoing solidarity campaign, or maybe even brought him to the AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center (which ineffectively “assists workers around the world who are struggling to build democratic and independent trade unions.”).

BTW, those woefully forsaken Iraqi trade unionists Jamie uses as a rhetorical cudgel to bash the AFL-CIO (and liberals/the Left in general) with? They aren’t too keen on one of Bush’s key benchmarks. Gee, imagine that – trade unionists fighting to prevent foreign-imposed privatization of a vital national industry. Oh, and they also aren’t exactly thrilled with the ongoing US-led occupation, either.

Neocon concern trolling about ‘solidarity’ with Iraqi unions is akin to movement wingers suddenly discovering women’s subjugation in the Middle East (‘Oh where oh where has teh feckless, vagina-monologuing Western feminazis been all these years?!’ Katha Pollitt pwns that bogus truism here.)

Have a great holiday weekend, folks.

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(Increasingly shrill updates below the fold)

Update 09.01: Jesus fucking wept – after reading Jamie’s martyr-posing ‘rebuttal’ to Hil’s (very effective, exceedingly polite) smackdown, I’ve been afflicted with acute stupid-shock (it burns, it burns!!11) For the love of God, Hil, please please please put the (at this point wholly unwarranted) civility and decorum on the shelf and rip the haughty, passive-aggressive little pissant a new one. Steve Clemons deserves a special Koufax award for his near-superhuman restraint after having his scholarly integrity essentially slandered by a glorified intern.

Kirchick doesn’t deserve to offer his distinguished co-bloggers cappuccino and crullers, let alone myopic, self-righteous admonishment.

Update 2: Hilzoy responds in turn. One can’t help but picture an increasingly exasperated professor attempting to re-explain a basic concept (eg, appearing to stir up shit for the sake of stirring up shit isn’t what most would describe as responsible journalism; sometimes a seemingly harsh question is actually being offered in good faith, not as a veiled ad hom) to a belligerent 1st year College Republican. Something tells me her points will fly over Kirchick’s head fast enough to part his hair (assuming he has hair, of course).

09.02 Update 3 (in which I have to restrain myself from hurling a bottle of mineral water at the monitor): Please, somebody make him stop. Kirchick is in dire need of an intervention.

So. Much. Stupid. Can’t. Be. Healthy.

“Neo-con” has become the de facto curse word in the left-wing blogosphere, applied to anyone who dares oppose the dictates of Chairman Kos (do his followers realize the cruel irony of calling themselves “Kossacks?”)

I daresay they do, Jamie – apparently you are the one who is unclear in what constitutes ‘ironic’. The idea of Steve Clemons and Hilzoy taking their marching orders from Kos’ Little Orange Book is…well, there are only so many synonyms for ‘teh stupid’, and I’m too exhausted to come up with any. My head is already well-concussed from getting violently acquainted with my desk far too many times over the past 24 hours.

By now Kirchick’s keyboard has to be a sticky crimson mess from all that stigmata (I think we all know where he can stick his cross).

Update 4 (in which a new meme is hopefully born): Bruce Moomaw FTW:

[Kirchick] subscribes to the Hogwarts Theory of Foreign Policy, in which all you [have] to do to solve serious problems of war and civil-rights abuses is to wave your magic wand and shout a few appropriate phrases — which naturally means that anyone who ISN’T willing to support this must be in Favor Of Tyranny. During all of his snarlings on Sullivan’s blog so far, I have yet to see one word of actual advice from him as to how we might actually GET enough troops to pacify Iraq, let alone enough to deal with Darfur as well.

Update 5 (in which my desk collapses from the repeated cranial assault):

Holy shit, we may have a breakthrough!

My colleague Brad Plumer calls me out for stating that, “Whereas once the AFL-CIO had a large and effective international office, you’d be hard-pressed to hear, for instance, what they’re doing for Iraqi trade-unionists.” He’s right that I give short shrift to the AFL-CIO’s international support for trade unionists, particularly in Iraq, and I apologize for and regret the oversight.

Oh, wait – never mind:

But I still stand by my larger point, which is that whereas anti-totalitarianism used to be the animating ideology of the AFL-CIO and Cold War liberals (both domestically–when the AFL fought tooth and nail against entryist communists, and internationally, in support for higher defense budgets and beating–not living with–the Soviet Union), the AFL has now become part of the anti-war faction of the Democratic Party, calling for immediate withdrawal, and abandoning Iraqi trade unionists to their fates.

Once again, you fucking brain dead lump of trust-fund-affirmative-action conserva-tard idiocy: THE FUCKING IRAQI TRADE UNIONISTS WANT THE FUCKING OCCUPIERS OUT OF THEIR FUCKING COUNTRY!!11 Do you fucking know what fucking ‘solidarity’ means? Hint: it’s not fucking synonymous with imperialism, which is what the AFL-CIO would essentially be advocating if it endorsed continuing the fucking occupation in defiance of the expressed will of the two largest fucking Iraqi trade unions.

I give. He’s finally broken me. I’m not even going to bother pointing out the brain-emulsifying buffoonery of his latest context/nuance/insight-free post, which can be lol-erized as ‘why dun’t teh Ay-rabs and teh whiny Western lib’ruls just get ova teh Israel?’

How long before Sully comes back from his honeymoon?

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