Cooking the Books

by matttbastard

So how long before the GAO joins the CIA as a fixture in the rightie pantheon of bureaucratic liberal conspiracies? This is likely why the White House is handling the scripting for the Petraeus report:

The person who provided the draft report to The Post said it was being conveyed from a government official who feared that its pessimistic conclusions would be watered down in the final version — as some officials have said happened with security judgments in this month’s National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq. Congress requested the GAO report, along with an assessment of the Iraqi security forces by an independent commission headed by retired Marine Gen. James L. Jones, to provide a basis for comparison with the administration’s scorecard. The Jones report is also scheduled for delivery next week.

Also, that ‘astonishing Anbar success’ meme? Cernig sticks a pin in the inflated claims.

Update: And so it begins

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