At Least He Didn’t Make the Introduction in a Wet Suit

by matttbastard

Sure, they’re dancing to the beat of a different drummer (and the tune is apropos), but dude, come on – WTH does a world music dance party have to do with energy policy? Oh, and somebody should tell Jack Layton to work on his Michael Buffer impression. Kee-hrist.

Via Uncorrected Proofs.

Related: SES/Sun Media poll indicates NDP may hold balance of power in minority Liberal government. Haven’t we heard this song before?

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2 thoughts on “At Least He Didn’t Make the Introduction in a Wet Suit

  1. *cringe* That is head-smackingly bad. Nobody’s going to remember anything but Layton dancing around with that [percussion instrument?]. It reminds me of that Jack & Olivia “Keep on Rockin in a Free World” event…and for the life of me, I can’t remember what that was supposed to be about either.

    *sigh* Ah well.


  2. Yeah, I originally called this post ‘The Stansfield Moment’, but gave Hampton the benefit of the doubt, since I really do have quite a bit of respect for him (even if I do think the Ontario NDP is missing the boat on key wedge issues like MMP and education).

    Regardless, I figure Layton will find a way to drop the ball during the next Federal campaign.


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