NDP Fumbles on MMP

by matttbastard

This is (one of the reasons) why I don’t regret letting my party membership lapse. More from Uncorrected Proofs here. Money quote:

…[T]he Daily Dissidence and Jan From the Bruce hit the nail on the head when they point out that the NDP’s failure to campaign on MMP will further alienate the party in a campaign that will likely be dominated by the issues of education reform and electoral reform. The NDP’s weak position on both issues, which very much mirror the Liberal positions, will surely push the party to the sidelines. […] Many progressive voters who care dearly about education reform and electoral reform may just drift to the Greens, who seem to have adopted solid and clear positions on what are sure to be important wedge issues.

Wake the fuck up and smell the frappuccino, Howard; MMP is the only thing that will save the Ontario NDP from succumbing to total irrelevance.

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4 thoughts on “NDP Fumbles on MMP

  1. The Ontario Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, and Greens have clear positions on school funding. The NDP position is a bad photocopy of the Liberal position. Even on electoral reform, the NDP lack of position makes the party irrelevant. I can’t think of a reason why I would want to vote for the NDP.


  2. The liberals don’t have clear positions on school funding, if this was true, then so does the NDP. you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth.


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