The Other Shoe (Finally) Drops

by matttbastard

Good riddance, about goddamn time, etc. Too bad the rumoured alternative [edit: or not, depending on whose unnamed sources you believe] isn’t much of an improvement.

Kyle has more, to which I’ll add this near-hysterical April 2007 WaPo op-ed (which clearly shows where that queasy feeling in Chertoff’s gut comes from) and this Nov 2006 speech Chertoff gave at the annual Federalist Society lawyers convention, in which the [edit: possibly] soon-to-be former DHS director (and Federalist Society alum) makes all too plain his far-right ideological pedigree.

Meet the new boss, etc…?

Related: Spackerman profiles the (soon to be) acting AG Paul Clement; Chertoffs likely possible replacement? You gotta be shitting me -Clay Johnson III sounds like Harriet Miers in BVDs.

Update: Always bet on black?

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5 thoughts on “The Other Shoe (Finally) Drops

  1. You just had to put a Who video in there and just render me useless for ten minutes, didn’t ya?

    Oh hai, u should go double check your comment at Comments… I think you tried a link or trackback but the link wasn’t working or something, not sure.


  2. Trackback seems to be working – I was doing a lot of catch-up maintenance to this post. Glad to hear you are a fellow Who fan, Kyle! I spent a good ten minutes myself wind-milling and stomping.


  3. Yeah, sometime him and Lieberman should trade spooky campfire stories about the Muslims hiding under the bed – take turns holding the flashlight, booga-booga voices, etc. WaPo can leave a Dictaphone running, transcribe, and release as a collaborative op-ed for Sunday Outlook.

    Would save a lot of time and effort for all involved.


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