11 thoughts on “George Carlin FTW

  1. What defines a human being?

    Carlin may use common folk expressions such as “2 children and one on the way” in his (successful) quest for humour, but of course anyone who has passed 10th grade biology is aware that a scientific definition of “human” relies primarily on the possession of 46 unique chromosomes (22 unique pairs and a single sex pair). Consequently, to imply that humanity begins at any point that isn’t fertilization is to assign that start point in an entirely arbitrary and ultimately unscientific manner.

    Hey, you knew it was only a matter of time before I got into the abortion posts. ;)


  2. (BTW, Thank’s for dropping by! Make yourself at home, and try not to shit all over the abortion posts with your anti-choice rot, you fucking consistent life Papist, you *g* <3)


  3. Is a woman’s body still her sovereign territory while it’s inside the body of another woman?

    (On further reflection, perhaps I could put that a little more clearly…. ::lol:: )

    I’m enjoying the blog, I feel much more up to date – USA Today is a great newspaper but it’s a pleasure to read news that actually DOES have a progressive slant to it (and isn’t ashamed to revel in it). <3


  4. Hey, thanks for FINALLY updating the NC website – GOAL! should hopefully be a go.

    (PS – you know I don’t like debating abortion, since it’s an issue that is, to those with a womb, an immediate concern with direct consequences that I, as a man, can only relate to from an abstract perspective. Don’t make me sic Isabel on you.)


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