No Shame

by matttbastard

Jose Padilla has been found guilty of ‘supporting terrorism’. I’d like to say I’m surprised, but, well, 9/11 changed everything, etc. Phil Carter, whom I normally find to be on point, doesn’t fucking get it. This isn’t an affirmation of the US justice system, but rather a bitter indictment. [Update: Carter has reconsidered his original take, and now feels the verdict “seems to rubber-stamp a long list of conduct that I find to be both abhorrent and unlawful.”]

Maybe the jurors who decided to let fear triumph over evidence will take the opportunity to read the Christian Science Monitor’s heartwrenching series on Padilla and see exactly how US intelligence officials obtained what little evidence that was presented at trial. Hopefully that gives them pause as they consider what they are now complicit in. Padilla is certainly no saint, but he is a human being who deserved better treatment than what he received.

More commentary from Libby Spencer, Kyle E. Moore, and Michael J.W. Stickings.

edited for content, clarity and BDS *g*

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