Immune Deficiency

by matttbastard

Minimal blogging today. Lack of sleep + illness = thoroughly unmotivated bastard. In addition to the St Vincent video above, I leave you with two Cancon tidbits from the Globe’s coverage of the Wikipedia edit controversy:

MPs whose Wikipedia pages were significantly altered include Toronto-area Liberal Dan McTeague, Calgary Conservative Jason Kenney and Southern Ontario Conservative Jeff Watson, who serves on the Commons’ access to information, privacy and ethics committee.


One user, with an IP address that points to a government office in Ottawa, removed Wikipedia’s entire entry on homosexuality several times on July 20, 2005, and replaced it with such sentences as: “Homosexuality is evil,” “Homosexuality is wrong according to the Bible” and “Homosexuals need our help and counselling.” The IP address responsible for that edit continued to deface the entry on homosexuality a total of 24 times between July, 2005, and July, 2006, and also edited more than 500 other Wikipedia articles on topics such as epidemiology, Ebola and Deal or No Deal (a TV game show starring a Canadian host).

Stay well, true believers.

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