John Gibson: Veritable Font of (Bloodthirsty) Compassion

by matttbastard

Via Chet Scoville: Media Matters quotes John “I can has ded peeple?” Gibson:

On the August 10 broadcast of his Fox News Radio show, John Gibson and the program’s executive producer, known on air as “Angry Rich,” mocked Comedy Central host Jon Stewart for emotional remarks he made shortly after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. While airing a clip of Stewart’s remarks from the September 20, 2001, edition of The Daily Show, Gibson mimicked Stewart and sarcastically interjected, “Oh, God, Jon. Just tell me it’s not true,” and, “Oh! That’s great. I’m — God, I’m touched.” Before playing the clip, Angry Rich asked, “Do you remember what the media was like shortly after 9-11?” Gibson answered, “Oh, Jon Stewart sobbing.” After the clip concluded, Angry Rich called Stewart a “phony”.


“Suck it up, crybaby! MOAR DED PEEPLE!!!1”

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