Best best best!

by Isabel LaCoeur

A few highlights from Reason’s hilariously fantastic recap of the CNN/youtube debate:

7:16: The ghost of Wesley Willis tosses out a reparations question! Terrific. “I know you’re all going to dance around,” he says, and John Edwards dances around it.

7:21: Ah, I really would have liked for Richardson to distinguish himself on the Katrina question by talking about private investment. But he took up time that could have been used by Edwards, so it evens out.

7:25: Edwards: “If you’re not voting for Clinton or Obama because you’re a bigot, I don’t want your vote!” Ninety percent of Democrats: “OK!”

7:28: Kucinich and Dodd would let gays marry. They’ll also legalize unicorns. Neither of them will win, everybody.

7:45: I’m getting the feeling we’ll elect the next president before anyone answers the “how do we pull out now” question.

7:53: Look, I’m trying to be substantive, and Mike Gravel pounds the podium with the best of ’em… but septugenarians shouldn’t talk about how they want ice cream cones.

8:19: Ah, it was too much to hope that Richardson would endorse vouchers. He endorses, instead, the “Into the Groove” curriculum. (“You can DANCE! For inspiration!”)

8:24: Elizabeth Edwards really needs to buy a bigger skirt if her husband is going to keep hiding behind it.

8:26: Mmmm, the drugs are kicking in. UPDATE: A magical snowman taught Dennis Kucinich the meaning of global warming. I think J.K. Rowling has her next project.

9:06: Look, everybody else is going to say it, so I will, too: Joe Biden is going to kill Dennis Kucinich and sleep with his wife.

Part 1

Part 2

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