It is what it is.

by Isabel LaCoeur

It’s time that we break through the clutter and get proactive about discussing buzzwords. Employing buzzwords can be an easy solution when you are looking to create impact and make things pop. But sometimes it is better to think outside the box and take it to another level by excising these borderline-cliche phrases from your speech (depending on your opinion of what constitutes best practices when writing within the framework of a business perspective).

Of course, trying to get people to agree on the use of buzzwords is often like herding cats. Buzzwords are the low hanging fruit of the business writing world; ripe for the picking and tempting to grab. But more and more, the use of buzzwords is leading to yawns and annoyance, rather than empowerment.

Perhaps it is time for a paradigm shift. Perhaps it is time for business writers to cast off the weighty burdens of leveraging, long tails, exit strategies, facetimes and event horizons.

Anyone who can correctly identify all of the buzzwords/buzzphrases in this entry gets a prize. Incidentally, buzzword itself is considered a buzzword.

Oh, and one more thing: Synergy, organic growth, bizmeth and Web 2.0!