More Below-the-Radar Terrorism: Union-Busting Edition

by matttbastard

In past years Colombia has been labeled one of the most dangerous nations for labour unions. According to Amnesty International, between January 1991 and December 2006 Colombia’s National Trade Union School documented 2,245 killings, 3,400 threats and 138 forced disappearances of trade unionists. Although the overall number of murders in Colombia associated with trade unions is down (from a peak of 209 in 2001), a new AI report shows that the threat to collective organization in the Central American nation is still very apparent.

Unsurprisingly, the responsibility for the ongoing terror campaign lies mostly with government-backed paramilitaries and security forces operating at the behest of the usual corporate interests; the Invisible Hand sometimes gets an itchy trigger finger, dontcha know.

More from CUPE and the AFL-CIO.

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