Late Night Logic: YouTube Pub Rock Round-Up

by matttbastard

In which matttbastard pays homage to the somewhat overlooked (at least on these post-colonial shores) mid-’70s UK Pub Rock scene.

Eddie and the Hot Rods – Beginning Of The End

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Give It Up. Please.

by matttbastard



Not this malarkey again:

The U.S. may be able to reduce combat forces in Iraq by next spring if Iraq’s own security forces continue to grow and improve, a senior American commander said Friday


“I think if everything goes the way it’s going now, there’s a potential that by the spring we will be able to reduce forces, and Iraq security forces could take over,” Odierno said. “It could happen sooner than that. I don’t know.”

He also cautioned that, because the insurgents in Iraq have proven so resilient and adaptive, making any prediction is risky. “There’s so many things that could happen between now and then,” he said, referring to next spring.

Holy fuck, could he get any more non-committal? I pity his wife, children and stockbroker.

Michael Stickings:

The warriors and warmongers — the wagers of this war in Baghdad and Washington — want to have it all ways, to leave open all options, to keep waging war but to keep talking about pulling out. And this isn’t flexibility, which could be a virtue, but the absence of a genuine plan to wage a war that has already been lost, which is a vice that keeps on killing.

It is time — long past time — for the ifs and coulds to give way to a definitive conclusion to this war. As long as it keeps on being waged, the only potential is for still more failure.

Maha provides some background on the many, many Pentagon non-announcements pertaining to the reduction of combat forces that have been made throughout the occupation.

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The Iraqi security forces are militia-infested (a direct consequence of Coalition Provisional Authority decisions), under-equipped and under-armed (a direct consequence of U.S. determination to keep Iraq a Satrapy) and rife with desertion (a direct consequence of the first two). The chances of them standing up so U.S. forces can stand down are no higher now than they were two years ago when this cycle of pony-gives-and-pony-takes-away first began. The cycle, now, is so regular you could set your Friedman Unit clock by it.

If Iraqi security forces were going to be at all able to do what the U.S. military says they might, do you really think they’d be doing deals with insurgent groups who have attacked U.S. troops to fight Al Qaeda instead?

Update 06.24: And on cue, Gen. Petraeus comes to take away the pony:

The top U.S. commander in Iraq yesterday backed off comments by his second-in-command that American troops could start pulling out of Iraq by next spring.

“I’m not making any predictions,” Gen. David Petraeus said yesterday, as roadside bombings claimed the lives of seven more U.S. troops, including four killed by a single blast outside Baghdad.


“It depends an awful lot on different factors out there – obviously how we’re doing in the security sector, how the Iraqis are doing, how much has been accomplished in a variety of different areas, and that’s what will determine what we take back,” Petraeus said.

Is it just me, or does ‘Operation Arrowhead Ripper’ sound like the title of a gay leatherporn flick?