One in Four

by matttbastard

Lowest poll numbers since Nixon; take that, Jimmy Carter.

Related: Ian Welsh points out that Congressional Democrats also face a dissatisfied electorate, with only 25% of Americans stating they approve of Congress’ performance thus far. Even more troubling, only 27% of rank and file Democrats are happy with their supposed partisan brethren. Welsh believes the Congressional leadership should take heed of the numbers and reconsider the virtues of reflexive ‘moderation’:

If Pelosi insists on not doing a majority of a majority rule, and I understand that she had principled objections, then what will happen is only bills that the Blue Dogs can get behind, will pass. And since the blue dogs are pretty damn conservative, that means a pile of bills that are going to piss off the base.

Pander to conservatives, which is what the current “majority of the House” rule means, and liberals and progressives won’t be happy.

And liberals and progressives are the majority of the base.

Pelosi and Reid can play their “bipartisanship” games all they want, they can be as “responsible” as they want, but they are pissing off the majority of their own party’s supporters.