Demonstrative Tenure

by matttbastard

Hilzoy and Von take turns flaying Ann Althouse’s latest example of trollalicious unhinged incoherency, a purportedly ‘satirical’ armchair psychoanalysis of a recent Hillary Clinton campaign vid. Both ObWingians get their licks in. But (IMO, no offense to Hil and Von) the best rhetorical shanking is in the comments to Von’s post, where Carlton Wu cuts to the bare bone of Althouse’s tired (and all too familiar) routine with eviscerating brevity*:

1)Ann smears poo on her head, says “I love smearing poo on my head!”
2)Blogosphere collectively shakes head, says “So sad, Ann is crazy.”
3)Ann furiously wipes poo off of her head, and says “Ha Ha! *You* are teh sad! I fooled you into thinking I am crazy!”
4)B.C. “Yes, we’re sorry, we apologize for taking you seriously. Our bad.”

On a semi-related note, OMGWTFBBQ?! Celine-fucking-Dion?!!1 Fleetwood Mac seems positively revolutionary by comparison.

The only US presidential candidate whose dubious taste in music trumps Clinton’s has to be progressive windmill chaser Dennis Kucinich.

Sweet Caroline‘? Awesome. ‘Coming to America‘? Not so much.

Update: Hil, you’re only getting half the view. (NSFW – pheer teh evul vag, werkplace philterz!)

Update 06.21: Reasonable conservative Jon Swift with the ultimate Althouse FAQ (if he’s not already on your blogroll, well, your blogroll is woefully incomplete).

*Not to take away from Jill’s seminal ‘peeing on floor’ analogy. Feel free to hash out any ‘urine vs. feces’ conflict in comments.

3 thoughts on “Demonstrative Tenure

  1. Just ignore Outhouse. If she pees on the floor, let her sit in it. We’re not a captive audience as those poor law students who have to take her classes.


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