Beyond Borders

by matttbastard

Big time tip o’ the pork pie hat to the incomparable belledame222 for inspiring this round up of global feminism(s) on teh YouTubes:

  • March 2007 Australian TV interview with embattled Afghan parliamentarian Malalai Joya.
  • Everywoman profiles 4 ordinary Iraqi women musing on the dangers they face day-to-day in post-Saddam occupied Iraq (two parts).
  • Stephen Lewis, outgoing UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, on the global AIDS crisis: “Gender inequality is driving the pandemic, and we will never subdue the gruesome force of AIDS until the rights of women become paramount in the struggle.” [from a speech made to the Closing Session of the XVI International AIDS Conference, August 2006].
  • Skoll Foundation video profile of CAMFED, an NGO dedicated to supporting the education of girls and women in Africa.
  • Controversial ex-pat Iranian communist-feminist activist Maryam Namazie on political Islam and what she contends is an inherent misogynistic contempt for women within the global movement.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Borders

  1. I do wonder about Namazie though. Not because of her comments about the Iranian theocracy, with which I totally agree, but because she seems to say some very strange things and keep some odd company. She spoke at that “March for Free Expression” in London after the Danish cartoons episode, co-sponsored by the Freedom Association who are mainly famous for organising much of the strike breaking operation at Grunwick. She and her “Third Camp” cohorts also spend a lot of time playing down their “communist” heritage in public, instead making classless (and oddly neocon-sounding) appeals to “freedom loving peoples of the world etc”.

    Brave woman as I say, but there are things that make me go “hmmm”.


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