Hump Day Music Spotlight: Speaking Ill of the Dead

by matttbastard

Heatmiser – Why Did I Decide To Stay?

Call me a heretic, but I’ve always preferred Heatmiser to the late Elliott Smith’s solo work. Smith’s backbiting, diva-like protestations (‘wah, wah, tehy made my pristine songs teh r0x0r against my will’; ‘wah, wah, I not teh ghey!!11’) were amusing in a ‘Fat Greg Dulli‘ fashion. But I believe his words at the time belied an insecurity which later manifested in a most expressive (if not permanent) manner.

Further heresy: Sam Coomes, though only a very minor contributer who joined during the twilight years of the band, is both A. a better songwriter and B. not yet dead. Go out and buy some Quasi, you morbid, bone-picking ghouls. (PS: Jeff Buckley isn’t Jesus; God’s [bastard] son wouldn’t have drowned, obviously.)

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